Our Mission

We are Saul Munoz & Barett Henry and we are the lead photographers of CivicPhotos and we love capturing Weddings! We realize that every wedding is different and unique so we adapt to your circumstances so that we can best capture your special day. As a bride why constraint your wedding with hours from a photographer? On your wedding day you should just be able to enjoy your family & friends and have fun on the one day in which moments will seem to fly by. We Love capturing your Entire Journey in the World of Love! As far as wedding-day timing goes...we usually meet up with the bride at the time when she is getting her makeup done and shoot throughout the day until close to the end of the reception. We look forward to capturing beautiful moments of you throughout your wedding day!

Meet Saul

Hey there, I’m Saul! I’ve been shooting weddings since 2008. I have under my belt of knowledge of over 200 weddings. I want to say that I have seen it all, and if I haven’t all my previous knowledge has gotten me ready for what’s to come and confront any type of wedding situation. My passion for photography is one of my greatest traits. I’m always hungry to learn more and be ready to capture those timeless moments.

I was born in Mexico and raised in a small little town in south Texas called Port Isabel. It’s located right next to South Padre Island. It’s a very popular Spring Break getaway, but the rest of the year gets extremely boring. Even though we had the Gulf of Mexico right there, fishing or swimming can only get you so far in the entertainment department. So I turned to drawing. Drawing helped to see how to fit an object or subject on a piece of paper. I trained my eye to see the full picture before I laid my pencil. From there I was drawn to dramatic lighting, and lighting in general. And my previous knowledge of drawing helped me merge these methods together. And in return I am now able to create better images.

And when I’m not busy working on weddings, I love to ride my motorcycle. My brain is always thinking of so much at one time so this is such a great way to distress and just focus on one thing.

Meet Barett

Whats up, I’m Barett! I have been shooting photography with CivicPhotos since the beginning of the company. During that time I have been privileged to capture amazing images of amazing people at hundreds of events! My favorite thing to capture is the engagement session since everything with the couple is usually very exciting and emotional…it’s the perfect scenario for great portraits. I love learning new things about photography so I usually welcome photographic conversations!

Although my parents are both from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Antigua…I was actually born in the city of Houston! I was fortunate though to be raised on the Caribbean island of St.Eustatius…its only 8-sqaure miles in size. From as long as I can remember I loved taking pictures! I remember shooting 35mm film and having to send the film to the United States for it to be developed…only about a 3-week waiting period to see if I caught good images! I started shooting photography with professional-level cameras shortly after I married my wife Yorlin. Being a fairly social person…I always enjoyed how photography could capture moments and emotions…that really made me love taking portraits of people.

Spare time…what is that!!?? Although I usually don’t have much…on my spare time I like watching sports…mainly basketball…football only socially…and I love playing video games!

Meet Yorlin

Hi I'm Yorlin!!! I am Barett's wife and the only female photographer for CivicPhotos! When I am not doing professional makeup I am assisting CivicPhotos with weddings as a second shooter! I love covering weddings and assisting the brides with the little details that often get overlooked on the wedding day!

I was born in El Salvador but my parents are Nicaraguan. Spanish is my first language but I am very fluent in English as well. I started shooting wedding photography with CivicPhotos in 2014 and since then I have been privilege to assist on covering weddings in New York, Wyoming, Dominican Republic and Mexico to name a few.

When I am not shooting weddings I either am doing professional makeup, shopping or playing with my chiquaqua's Nibble's & Bitsy.