Giorgiana Rosas The Lamborghini Aventador
Justin & Samantha Red & Black
A National Mall Wedding Cody & Stefanie
A Las Velas Lift Adam & Brianda
The Vintage Blue Helicopter Je'An & Amelia
Chris & Rosa An Agave Real Wedding
A Classic Lean Nadine & Jonny
A Tropical Love Alex & Olivia
Frank & Payton Holding Fans
Diana & Daniel A Vintage Moment
Trains of Love Michael & Mariah
The Beauty of Hollie Bridal elegance
Desmond & Kristy A Gatsby Moment
William & Pamela The White Dress
Jessica & Oscar A Chateau Cocomar Moment
Craig & Miriam At the Bar
Journey of Jazmin A Marfa Texas Adventure
Jeremy & Nikki A Tender Emotion
James & Kerry Enjoying the Girls
Time for Sailing Chris & Morgan
Chris & Rosa An Agave Real Wedding
Richard & Jennifer A Timeless Mirror
Hakeem & Brittany Classic Style of Love
Kevin & Mariah A Nature Wedding Party
Cody & Stefanie Thoughts of Red
Desmond & Kristy The Red Christian Louboutin
Chris & Rosa A Sneek Kiss
Jide & Kimber The Groomsmen Styling
Mari & Carlos The First Kiss
Ethan & Brittany The Classic Polonez
Michael & Ashley Love on a bridge

“We are CivicPhotos…a Fine Art wedding & Portraiture Company which captures emotionally focused moments. We adore and are thoroughly passionate about creating beautiful photography. If you’re open to working with us you will come to love our contagious spirit of freezing you’re journey in the amazing world of love…“


“We at CivicPhotos want to document your Journey.  A Journey can be defined as a passage from one place to another. How appropriate that Love can be describe as a “Journey of a Lifetime” because one travels from the feeling of being alone…to the destination of having the “Love which lasts a Lifetime”. During this “Journey of Love”…Emotion, Excitement & Anticipation happen…Feelings happen along the way…Hugs and Kisses happen along the way…”


“We at CivicPhotos want to document your Journey in a way that allows you to remember your journey for times to come…”



Galveston Luxury Photographer – Dustin & Hannah
Hermann Park Engagement – Steve & Alissa
Austin Wedding Photographer – A Villa Antonia Beauty